Gillian Pinder - Shadows

Gillian Pinder - Baby Girl
September 04, 2015
Gillian Pinder - Little Baby GirlIt's an exciting time for my friend, Gillian Pinder! Two weeks ago, she got on a plane and flew off to Scotland to be with her boyfriend, as he plays professional hockey for the next year. Gillian's Plans?..... to use the time away from her engineering studies to work on her music and to become part of the Scottish music scene by networking with local musicians and playing gigs.
Gillian is always a very busy lady, and this summer before she left, was no exception. We were able to get together a couple of times to go over some of the tracks she recorded in a little shed on the Saskatchewan prairies in the summer of 2014, remaining to be mixed. We also recorded, mixed and published a very special intimate song Gillian wrote in honor of a very close friend who recently tragically passed away from cancer. Gillian didn't intend this for public release, and made limited copies of this touching, poignant piece for a select group closest to her deceased friend.
"Shadows" shows presents a slightly more gritty side of Gillian. Instead of celebrating love and life, it "Speaks to longing heartbreak and stormy skies". All parts were written by Gillian as she recorded in that little shed in 2014. I merely tweaked some of the sounds and did my best to sonically organize the tracks.
Over the next little while, Gill and I will be working on the remaining songs in this project. More tracks coming soon!
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